What to put as my LinkedIn headline when I am unemployed?

This is a question many job seekers struggle with. After all, the headline on LinkedIn is one of the first things recruiters and hiring managers see when browsing through your profile. So what to put when you´re between jobs?

Let´s start with what not to write in your headline…. As you might have noticed on LinkedIn it is common practice to write “unemployed”, “looking for new opportunities”, “between jobs” etc. as a headline when someone is currently unemployed. However, this is a real no-no. Such phrases will definitely make you unattractive to hiring managers and recruiters, who will quickly click on the next profile. Such headlines can make you look desperate and unappealing for a job.

So, what other options are out there? As you may have noticed the headline on LinkedIn is compulsory so you have to put something. Another very frequent mistake is leaving your last job as your current job causing the headline to still be the position you had in your previous job. This may seem a good decision, because hey, you have a good headline and this was after all your most recent position. However, recruiters also indicate that this is not done: they will find out very fast in a possible interview that you´re not working there anymore and this can easily be seen as lying. You may claim that you have simply forgotten to update your profile, however this won´t make it much better: this would be seen as sloppy and no attention to detail in your job search.

Instead, use an attractive headline that describes your experience well. Your headline should match your job searching goals. For example, if you´re a social media specialist that is currently unemployed, instead of writing “social media specialist at Vodafone” use “social media specialist” or even better, “social media specialist, content writer and editor”. Using your skills and achievements in your field of expertise as a headline will not only make your profile more attractive but will also make it easier to find for recruiters!

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