Stuck in your job search approach? Maybe this book can help you!

So you have your resume updated and know what kind of job you want… Online you can find plenty of vacancies, so this should just be a matter of sending in your application right?

With all these job postings online, the number of applications that a vacancy receives has significantly increased meaning that a recruiter or hiring manager needs to review many more candidates than before. Studies show that exactly therefore hiring managers rely much more on referrals to avoid having to read through all these hundreds of online applications.

Hence, the way you search for jobs should fundamentally change. There are so many vacancies within the click of a mouse, but how do you keep track of all these vacancies? How do you keep track of possible people in your network at the companies you would like to work at? Do you have clear where you are in the recruitment process for every vacancy you´re interested in?

To deal with these kind of questions and to ensure that your job search approach is efficient, at cvandgo we really like Steve Dalton´s book, the 2-hour job search and we can definitely recommend you to read it in order to optimize your process. The 2-hour job search explains in a very clear and hands-on manner how to structure your job search by using technologies like Excel, Google, LinkedIn and alumni databases to create a list of employers you would like to work for, how to contact them and secure a first interview.

If you want to stop sending endless online applications and feel that your job search approach can be more efficient, this book is for you!

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