Slowing down your job search over the holidays? Don´t!

iStock_000004942570_Small-760x450Many job seekers think December is the worst month for applying for Jobs with all the holidays because “everybody will be out of office” anyway. Therefore, the tendency is to relax bit and pick it back up in the new year. However, December is actually the perfect month to give an extra push to your job search and here´s why:

  1. Everybody thinks that “applying in December doesn´t make sense” meaning less competition for you!

There is actually a real drop in job seeker activity in the December month, partly because people think it doesn´t make sense to apply during this month and partly because they just want to relax a bit and spend time with their families. So this is actually your opportunity to get ahead of the rest and make sure you´re noticed! For recruiters this slow month can also be a bit annoying if they have to fill vacancies before year end, so you´re proactivity can definitely be rewarded since “time to hire” is more important in December than in any other month of the year.

  1. There are tons of vacancies out there

We tend to think that no-one will publish vacancies in December because everybody is out of office. However, studies show that this is not true at all: many departments will have their budgets and headcount for the new year approved and will want to start full on in January. Also, definitely not everybody is on holidays so take advantage of this slower month to network with recruiters to be on their radar before the new year.

  1. Networking opportunities

December is usually packed with holiday parties and events, so this is your perfect opportunity to network! Also, recruiters and hiring managers might be in a happier mood with the upcoming holidays and are therefore easier to approach. J

  1. More time to prepare yourself well

If you´re working you will know that especially the second half of December tends to be a bit low on activity, which means you can leave work early and use that extra time to update your resume, look for vacancies and do some networking.


Good luck and the cvandgo team wishes you a very merry christmas and a successful 2016!

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