After having seen more than thousands of CVs for vacancies in different organizations, the consultants of cvandgo know what companies are looking for and what is a good CV.

  • Revision and analysis of the information that you send us based on the position you want to apply for
  • Assignment of a personal writer based on your profile
  • Reorganizing and reviewing the information and format of your CV
  • Add information you have not included and that is necessary to set you apart from other candidates
  • Possibility of express service in 48 hours
  • In English, Spanish, Dutch or other languages on request

CV Editing

How does it work?

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Select and purchase the service.
Fill out a small questionnaire online on your previous experience, choose language, and upload your CV.
You will receive the first version of your new CV within 4 working days.
Two revisions within 10 working days after receiving the first draft.
Final version
Receive the final version of your CV.