The cover letter is your opportunity to give more details on your experience, achievements and especially to show something “personal” to make you stand out compared to the other candidates. Our writers can help you with having a more impactful cover letter: we can review the cover letter you already have or write you a new cover letter.

  • Revision and analysis of the information that you send us to write your cover letter
  • Assignment of a personal writer based on your profile
  • Contact via phone / email to request any additional information the writer might need to redact your cover letter
  • Add information you have not included and that is necessary to set you apart from other candidates
  • Possibility of express service in 48 hours
  • In English, Spanish, Dutch or other languages on request

Cover letter writing

How does it work?

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Select and purchase the service.
Fill out a small questionnaire online on your previous experience and choose language.
First draft
You will receive the first version of your new cover letter within 4 working days.
Unlimited interaction with your writer via email in the 10 working days after receiving the first draft.
Final version
Receive the final version of your cover letter.