Let go and only focus on those details that are relevant for your job application

Although most people looking for their next professional challenge know they need to adjust their resume to the job they´re applying for, many have difficulties leaving information out of their resume that might not be relevant for this application. It is normal to feel attached to every job you have had and every course you ever did because they have been important for the career you have had to date, however not every job, every detail or every course might be relevant for this specific application.

If you really want to highlight why you are the best candidate for the job, you need to focus on those details of your experience that can show just that and use the limited space of your resume with the right details instead of counting on the fact that the recruiter or hiring manager will read between the rest of your experience and find the most relevant details.

When you´re updating your resume for a specific application, try to review every line and ask yourself:
1. How relevant is the experience I gained from this job / course / internship for the job I am applying for?
2. Does this detail show why I am the best candidate for the job?
Because although a specific internship during university was great or a course you did 8 years ago was very important for your previous job, maybe they are not so relevant for this job and are just eating up valuable space and distracting from those details that can show why you are the best candidate for the job.

At cvandgo we notice that a lot of job seekers have difficulties objectively reviewing everything on their resume and feel very attached to every single thing they ever did in their career. It is normal to be proud of and feel attached to the different phases of your experience so far, however your application might benefit from an objective outsider view in order to make sure your resume highlights those relevant details for the job. So if you have difficulties reviewing your own resume objectively and letting go of not-so-relevant details, don´t hesitate to get some help from a friend or a professional.

Good luck!!

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