How to prepare for a job interview

entrevista de trabajo

It is important that before going to a job interview follow these steps to help you get more confident and come out successfully.

  • Research the company
  • Study your skills, your experience and training
  • Take the curriculum and Know it well, since they are based on it
  • Get a list of your weaknesses and prepare arguments to defend
  • Check your appearance (avoid flashy clothes, well dressed clean / shaving)
  • Go alone
  • Arrive early (5 minutes before)
  • Prepare the interview, the coach will do it too

During the interview, make a good impression. First impressions are very important. Many entrepreneurs believe that having seen entering the door to a candidate, see how to shake hands and sit, they are able to decide their worth

  • Greet the interviewer with a conventional formula: Good afternoon, Mr. Smith
  • Sit straight, at the edge of the chair (insecurity), lounging (disrespect)
  • Do not be the the first in reaching out
  • Greet with a handshake and smile, looking into his eyes
  • Stay tuned and sympathetic
  • Prevents you nervous gestures that indicate it as nail biting, hitting with the pen on the table, rock you in the seat …
  • Do not interrupt
  • Look the interviewer in the eye, but not intimidating
  • Let him take the initiative
  • Do not talk too much, not too little
  • Watch your language
  • Do not sin aggressive / a or sensiblón / a
  • Do not approach a lot to it
  • Do not put your elbows on the table interviewer
  • Do not cross your arms, it may seem that you are on the defensive

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