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At cvandgo we will be with you on the end-end process of your job search. We are HR consultants for more than 10 years; our goal is to show your potential as a candidate and to help you achieve your job search objectives.
After contracting one of our services the writer who will work on your CV, cover letter or profile will directly contact you via email or telephone. The contact you will have during the process will always be with the same writer.
Yes, our team has writers over the whole world.
No, at cvandgowe believe that every CV needs to be unique and personalized, therefore we don´t use standard templates. With a CV based on a template you will not be able to stand out from the candidate pool and therefore we believe in a customized CV for the person and industry you would like to focus on.
The team of cvandgo has experience in reviewing and editing cover letters and CVs in Europe, the U.S. and Latin America for all different sectors but we have a global network of writers also in other countries.

Our products

To stand out from other candidates it is very important to have a unique and personalized CV and cover letter in line with your individual career objectives. Every vacancy receives hundreds of applications and it is essential to make a good first impression with your CV and cover letter topass the filter.
Yes, in this increasingly digital world it is of essential to also have a good professional image online. Recruiters often search for your profile on LinkedIn after receiving your application and when your profile is not good it is possible they will not include you in the first selection.
With our service of editing CVs we will work based on a CV that you already have to improve it and make sure it is up to date. With our service of writing we will start from scratch to make your CV.
With our standard service you will receive a first draft within 4 working days. We also have an express service where you will receive the first draft within 2 working days.
You will receive your CV or cover letter in Word format and PDF.
The majority of CVs should not be longer than 2 pages. There are some sectors where it is acceptable to have a longer CV, like for example in industries that are very focused on research and projects, and if you have a lot of experience it is also possible that your CV is a little bit longer.
If you want to contract our services in another language than those of the countries where we have presence (Spanish, English and Dutch) please contact us so we can give you more information. cvandgo has an extensive network of writers across the world to assure that we can help you!
The personal interview for a new job tends to be quite stressful and, although it is normal to be nervous, you will only have one opportunity to leave a good impression. There is no better way to prepare yourself and to be confident than doing and practicing many interviews. At cvandgo we can help you to present and sell yourself better during interviews.
After contracting our service we will contact you to plan a practice interview via Skype / Google Hangout / telephone. Apart from requesting your availability we will ask you for some details on what type of interview you would like to practice and, if you want to use the session as preparation for a real interview that you have planned, we will ask you that you send the job description.

Payment methods

Via our website you can pay with Paypal, Visa, American Express, Master Card or Maestro.
You will pay when you contract the service.

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